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Using old-world techniques, three days from start to finish, a patient process of bread making is brought to life in every loaf. Naturally leavened with a sourdough starter from Germany and fermented for a gut-friendly and nutrient dense special experience. I love to use local and/or organic ingredients, being mindful of our local food economy and our local/regional grain economy. Keeping these values alive through hand made, stone baked sourdough bread!


I have many memories of spending hours in the kitchen, helping my Mom and Grandma create delicious baked goods. Always eating home-made bread. I worked in two bakeries in Australia in my teens, and little did I know, these steps became the start of my passion for baking 10 years later. I am of Russian and Australian culture, being born and raised in Australia and now residing in Arizona, USA since 2012. Good bread is hard to come by. I continue the love of baking by bringing you delicious sourdough and artisan sweets that reflects flavors that I love and that have culturally influenced my life.


Simple. Real. Slow. Patient. Bread for life.