Sourdough is an ecosystem of wild yeasts and beneficial bacteria that work together to add B-vitamins to grains, to break down gluten for better digestion, and to neutralize phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors. In other words, it’s good for you.


Hope Farm Bakery is a family owned business located in the food hub region of Gippsland, Victoria. We are a small team consisting of qualified Artisan bakers and distribution staff who are passionate about creating and delivering only the highest quality, nutritious sourdough breads and bakery items which are unique to our bakery.

Our sourdough breads are featured at many different eateries throughout the greater Melbourne area as well as regional Victoria. They are also sold at various locations throughout Victoria as well as farmer’s markets in the Gippsland and greater Melbourne area.


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Premium Organic Bread, Granola and Muesli

Organic sourdough is at the heart of our bakery.


We believe in real bread, made simply from a leaven of flour and water. Like many great things, sourdough requires time, skill and patience. We believe in doing things the traditional way - all our bakers slowly make, shape and mould each loaf by hand.


Since our foundation in 2007, our motivation is simple; to craft nutritious, high quality sourdough with integrity. We use sourdough for our entire range because of the many health benefits that long-fermentation sourdough offers - even our brioche and Easter buns are made from sourdough.


You will not find a long list of additives like commercial yeast, preservatives or dough conditioners in our bread. Bread also needs to be free from chemicals and GMO’s. That’s why all our bread and muesli is made entirely from premium certified organic ingredients.


Australia’s organic grains have garnered respect from all over the world - our clean air and soil cannot be matched. Being certified organic is the only way we can guarantee that the ingredients in our breads do not contain GMO’s, chemical pesticides or result in land degradation. We only source our ingredients from certified organic farmers practising bio-dynamic and environmentally friendly farming techniques. From our sprouted grains to our long fermentation techniques, everything we do is aligned to deliver you with real, organic bread.




Real bread, made slowly



Simply made and Certified Organic, our bread is made slowly by hand and hearth-baked after 30-hours of fermentation for optimal taste, nutrition and digestibility.


the essence of sourdough is water, flour salt and 


The Bakery is a local, family business run by husband and wife team Neil and Mel. 


We pride ourselves on making quality products using quality ingredients. Pastry made from real butter. Doughnuts with hand crafted fillings. Creative Pies made fresh from top quality, locally sourced meats and vegetables. Gourmet sandwiches made on freshly baked bread. Real sourdough and artisan breads, and french pastries to rival any big city bakery. And best of all, we make everything from scratch. No packet mixes, nothing baked-from-frozen or off-the shelf. How baking should be!

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