How do you store sourdough?

Storing your sourdough is just as important as how you eat it. I recommend storing your bread in the freezer if you know you will not be eating it within 2-3 days.


My fruit and vegetable loaves, especially in summer will need to be kept in the freezer after day 2, for optimal freshness.  

Are there any preservatives in my bread?

There are no preservatives or additives used in Hope's Artisan Bread. Organic and local flour blend is used to give you the best quality you deserve. 

Do you have anymore questions for me?

Feel free to reach out and we will respond within 12-48 hours.

How long does sourdough take to make?

Good things take time. A 3-day process from start to finish to craft your loaf. Feeding the sourdough starter on Day 1. Day 2, consisting of two natural fermentation stages that develop flavor and strength to the dough. Then an overnight prove into Day 3 for more complex flavors which is now ready for scoring, and baking to become a well-worth-the-wait sourdough loaf. 

How do I get my hands on a loaf?

Head over to "HOME" to view our most current events and weekly markets and drop offs. If you have a special custom request, please reach out to us - we would love to help make your event special.



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